12 Benefits of Meal Delivery Services You Might Not Know About

There are 12 benefits of meal delivery services that most people overlook. You might have heard of meal kit delivery services due to their recent rise in popularity. And maybe you’ve even heard about them through word-of-mouth from friends and family.

But if you haven’t made the change yet, then you must be thinking to yourself—are meal delivery services worth it? Compared to buying the ingredients yourself in a grocery store, the answer is yes! Once you learn how it works, ordering from a meal delivery service may be the perfect solution for a variety of reasons. And here we bring 12 surprising advantages to them!

12 Pros of Using a Meal Delivery Service

Wondering what all the hype is about? We’ve made a list of the benefits of meal delivery services to help you decide if it’s right for you. All these benefits offer a significant enhancement in your quality of life. We recommend you learn how to choose the right meal kit service. You won’t want to go back to traditional grocery shopping!

1. It Saves Time

Are you married with kids? Living on your own? Somewhere in between? Finding the time to make a home-cooked meal can be impossible. We recommend choosing a service that offers meal delivery for busy professionals. Just imagine—you need to attend to work demands, household chores, and family needs…

Where in your schedule are you supposed to squeeze in an hour of cooking in the kitchen? You no longer have to stress about how you’re going to get a meal on the table. In fact, at Gobble, our chefs do most of the work for you, cutting your cooking time down to just fifteen minutes per meal.

Gobble is one of the best meal delivery services for families. We allow you to share a precious moment on the table with your family with delicious food. This is one of the biggest benefits of meal delivery services. Get a healthy, delicious meal in less time than it takes to get a pizza delivered!

2. It Reduces Food Waste

You know that feeling of dread when you find an ancient Tupperware container in the back of your fridge? Or the rising anxiety of watching bananas on your counter turn darker and darker until… even banana bread won’t save them?

The United Nations estimates that 17% of food produced globally goes to waste. Isn’t that a wild food waste fact? But you can make a difference with a meal kit delivery service. You won’t have to worry about your forgotten leftovers turning into science experiments. 

Each Gobble meal you receive in the mail is carefully portioned out for you and your family. You pick your menu ahead of time so you can fill up without filling your trash can with wasted food. With Gobble, the benefits of meal kits provide a sustainable, better future.

3. It Saves Money

While we’re on the subject, let’s not forget that wasted food = wasted money. We have all bought a mountain of groceries only to have them go bad in the fridge. And then, instead of a healthy salad, you’re stuck ordering takeout again. Those wasted dollars can add up fast.

But it’s possible to get delicious food and start eating healthy on a budget. At just $11.99 per serving, Gobble can keep you on track. Know exactly how much you’re spending on food each week. It’s time to cut down on those expensive drive-through orders!

What if something unexpected comes up, and you’re short on cash? Or if you’re out of town and aren’t able to receive your meal kit? Don’t worry! Make the most of the advantages of food delivery service with Gobble. We let you adjust your schedule to order when it is convenient for you.

4. You Can Try New Foods

We are creatures of habit. That, unfortunately, means that our grocery lists tend to look the same each week. But you can only have spaghetti so many times before it starts to get old! This is one of the biggest benefits of meal kits for anyone who loves trying new food! A meal kit delivery service is an excellent way to expand your palate. 

Try Argentinian steak with chimichurri potatoes and roasted vegetables. You could also test out some Asian cuisine. (Think Bibimbap with Korean-marinated vegetables and crispy brown rice!)

If you have picky eaters in your house, a meal kit delivery service is also the perfect solution for you. Even kids can try new foods! You’ll turn picky eaters into adventurous eaters with a high-quality meal kit.

Check out our Classic Plan to see what’s available and what’s being added. Experience a whole world of new foods without ever leaving your home!

5. It Caters to Dietary Needs

Hesitant to try a meal kit delivery service because you have dietary restrictions? Lucky for you, Gobble’s got you covered. For example, we can help you go gluten-free with catered options for your diet.

Meal kits can provide menu items that avoid common allergens. (Ex. Dairy or nuts) You can also customize your selections. Gobble is mindful that not every person’s dietary needs are the same. We aim to cater to everyone! You can even start transitioning into a plant-based diet if you choose.

You can also find a list of ingredients on each menu item, ensuring that you only end up with meals you can enjoy safely.

6. It Ensures Better Nutrition

Takeout and quick meals aren’t great for meeting your nutritional needs. Grease, fat, and high calories can make you feel sluggish and unwell. With meal kit delivery services, you can plan your menu ahead of time. You’ll add a diverse range of vitamins and nutrients to your week.

It’s time to learn how to make healthy food swaps by yourself. But why not let us do all of the hard work of thinking, analyzing, and selecting? Gobble uses organic, hand-picked ingredients so you can get the most out of your foods.

The benefits of meal delivery services reach people of all ages. Gobble also offers meal delivery for seniors. The variety of meal plans is customized to fit seniors’ dietary needs. The plans ensure activity and healthy longevity. Gobble offers a Lean & Clean Plan where you can find meals that are all under 600 calories each.

7. It Simplifies Decision Making

Imagine never having to ask, “What’s for dinner?” ever again. With a meal kit delivery service, you select your meals in advance. You know exactly what’s going to show up at your door.

This is especially helpful for new parents. When your baby is crying nonstop, and you haven’t slept in 36 hours, the last thing you want to do is figure out what to cook for dinner.

A service like Gobble that offers meal delivery for new parents is key. We put together the best combinations for a postpartum meal!

Sort through Gobble’s diverse menu on your own time and make your selections for the following week.

No more wandering aimlessly through the grocery store.

No more worries about trying to come up with dinner ideas and ending up with a frozen pizza.

No more boring salads—only delicious, diverse, and flavorful ones!

8. It Provides Correct Portions

Portioning out ingredients is a pain. No one wants to cut and measure when they’re strapped on time and trying to serve dinner. If you buy more than necessary, you might end up with waste. On the other hand, buying less than you need won’t satisfy yourself or your family.

A meal kit delivery service takes the ambiguity out of portion sizes. When you order from Gobble, each meal comes with all the ingredients pre-measured. You don’t have to get out any measuring cups or spoons. It makes cleanup that much easier!

Also, Gobble is a customizable meal delivery service! We offer the option to double your protein. It’s perfect if you’re adopting a protein-rich diet or you’re looking to build muscle. With us, you can easily meet dietary goals without compromising on flavor or variety.

9. It Makes a Great Gift

Looking for a gift for a busy family member or a friend who loves to cook but lacks time? Or perhaps someone who is new to cooking altogether? Send meals to someone who loves cooking or has never tried a meal delivery service before!

Gobble takes the advantages of food delivery service to a whole new level. This is an innovative and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. If you don’t know exactly what the recipient likes, we offer meal delivery gift cards. In this case, the recipient can redeem the card and customize their own deliveries.

No more daily meal-planning dilemmas! Gobble provides an enjoyable way for recipients to explore new recipes and flavors. You can use this as a gift for different occasions. At Gobble, you can get special offers for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day food delivery.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving, with every meal serving as a reminder of your thoughtful gesture. You are not limited to happy celebrations, either. This can also be great for a sympathy meal delivery—a gift for a grieving loved one who lost someone special.

10. It Can Teach You How to Cook

Even if you’re not a seasoned chef, a meal kit delivery service can be your guide into the culinary world. Each kit comes with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. This simplifies the cooking process and teaches valuable cooking techniques along the way.

Gobble makes it possible for everyone to upskill their cooking game. The meal boxes come with recipes, images, how-tos, and much more. In other words, Gobble teaches you how to cook like a chef at home!

The satisfaction of creating a meal from scratch can be incredibly rewarding. That’s one of the advantages of food delivery service. You can continue exploring new recipes and skills in the kitchen!

11. It Makes It Easy to Eat Seasonally

Do you know what seasonal eating is? It’s taking advantage of the foods that are at their best during different points in the year. For example, you select the best fruits in your current season.

Eating seasonally is better for the environment. It lets you enjoy fruits and vegetables at their peak flavor and nutritional value. Gobble takes the guesswork out of seasonal eating. It helps you curate menus that feature the freshest, in-season produce.

This approach supports local farmers. It reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting food long distances. With Gobble, you can savor the taste of summer strawberries or fall squash. No need to research what’s currently in season. We make it effortless to incorporate more seasonal foods into your diet.

12. It Helps Make Date Night Happen

Want to have the perfect date night dinner with your favorite person? In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for romantic moments can feel challenging.

Gobble offers an exquisite solution for couples. You can reclaim date night from monotonous, boring dinners or unpredictable restaurant reservations.

With meal kits designed for two, Gobble turns an ordinary evening at home into a special occasion. You can collaborate in the kitchen and bond over the creation of a delightful dish! You’ll nurture your relationship and build a repertoire of culinary skills together. That’s why Gobble is the best meal delivery service for couples!

Enjoying a cozy night in? How about a significant anniversary? Gobble makes every date night memorable with meals that ignite a romantic spark.

Are Meal Delivery Services Worth It? We Think So!

After reading about the benefits of meal delivery services, it’s safe to say that you should believe the hype. It’s time for you to stop stressing about what you’re going to make for dinner and how you’re going to find the time to do it.

To make the best choice for your needs, you can read a meal delivery service comparison guide. Enjoy the benefits of meal kits! Save money, eat healthier, and do it all while having delicious food that you’ll always love. Don’t wait any longer.

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