6 Best Meal Delivery Gift Cards: Give the Gift of Delicious Food

With the holiday season approaching, many people are looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you’re having trouble deciding, how about something practical and thoughtful? A meal delivery gift card could be the ideal choice!

We know work takes up a lot of time in people’s lives, making it challenging for them to prepare nutritious and delicious meals. That’s why the ideal meal delivery service gift card can offer many benefits for your family and friends. Everyone will have amazing food delivered right to their doors!

Why Send a Meal Kit as a Gift?

Grocery shopping, dicing, and measuring ingredients for a meal can be time-consuming and inconvenient, especially if you have a busy work schedule. It’s much easier to get meal delivery versus grocery shopping and prepping responsibilities, right?

Sending a fresh meal kit to a loved one saves them time by eliminating the lengthy preparation process.

How To Gift a Meal Delivery Service

Luckily, modern meal delivery services make this part easy. There are lots of meal delivery gift ideas out there. We recommend deciding based on who you are giving the gift to. Do they love ordering takeout from local restaurants? Consider a meal delivery gift card. Have they mentioned wanting to learn how to cook? Then a meal kit might be a great option.

Who Should You Send Meal Delivery Gift Cards To? 

Food is a common language that everyone understands. You can never go wrong with a meal delivery gift card. That way, people can choose their own meal kit according to their tastes and diets! Here are some people who could benefit from your gift:

New Parents

The arrival of a baby is always a joy, but taking care of nutrition during pregnancy and after the baby’s birth can be challenging. Research the best meal delivery services for families to find an option everyone will love!

During pregnancy, parents have to pay attention to meals that are nutritious for both them and their baby. However, making the right choices isn’t an easy task. That’s where a gift card comes in, as parents can use it to enjoy the best meal delivery services for pregnancy. They can be sure the baby is receiving all the necessary nutrition for healthy development.

After the birth, parents can also make their routine easier and ensure a good meal for the newborn. A gift of meal delivery for new parents eliminates the necessity of going to grocery stores, extensive food prep time, and clean up, so they can spend more time focusing on their child. 

Busy Professionals

Overworked professionals often neglect their meals because they don’t have much time to think about preparing and cooking.

Offering meal delivery for busy professionals with packed work schedules can be a meaningful way to alleviate the burden of daily responsibilities.

For example, is your mother one of those busy moms who barely has time for themselves? Meal kit gift cards can ensure your mom or any other busy relatives and friends save time in the kitchen.


Meal delivery for seniors is a great option because they may have trouble dealing with extensive meal preparation. This can make them feel better cared for. A gift card will allow them to get a delicious meal that contributes to their quality of life whenever they want to.


Whether it’s for your significant other or family members, a nice meal in the fridge could be a great way to show them you care.

Who doesn’t love spending as much time as possible with their loved ones? Instead of spending time in grocery stores and hours preparing food, they can use a gift card to order from one of the best meal delivery services for couples.

Gobble’s meal kits come with guides and instructions—with images—to teach you how to cook. This also creates a memorable and delightful moment where the couple can cook together.

A Grieving Loved One

When a loved one is processing grief, it can be difficult for them to even think about eating. But it’s important that they take care of their physical health and nourish themselves to avoid getting sick.

A gift of sympathy meal delivery for a grieving family gives your loved ones the time to mourn without thinking about their next meal. During such a difficult time, this can be a small way to help lessen their pain.

The Best Meal Delivery Gift Card Options

Wondering how meal delivery works? Meal delivery allows people to enjoy a terrific dining experience with minimal stress. We’ve compiled a selection of the best meal delivery gift cards, designed to provide the most convenient experience possible.

1. Gobble Gift Card

Gobble offers a variety of options for those who want to send a meal kit as a gift. Gobble’s meal kit gift cards make cooking fast and easy. Select your meal and the ingredients will arrive peeled, sliced, measured, and marinated. You or your gift recipient can enjoy them in 15 minutes or less. 

Choose from one of the three meal kit options: Classic, Lean & Clean, or Vegetarian. The Classic Menu includes a variety of healthy meals that you can cook fast. Enjoy a selection of main dishes, sides, and desserts that can fit the palate of any eater. The Lean and Clean Menu includes lean proteins and is free of filler grains. At 600 calories or less, this plan is perfect for anyone on a diet.

Among the meal plans are many vegetarian options. Unlike other meal services, whose vegetarian offerings can be starch-heavy, Gobble commits to providing our customers with fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

With Gobble’s meal kit gift cards, you can speed up cooking while also giving yourself time to relax. If the gift card is for someone else in your life, they’ll be overjoyed with the ease of a meal kit. The packaging ensures that your Gobble box stays fresh for up to 72 hours without losing its flavor.

2. Instacart Gift Card

If you prefer to send a gift of groceries, then InstaCard is a great option. Offering a loved one an Instacart gift card allows them to shop at their favorite local stores without leaving their house. 

3. Doordash Gift Card

Are you considering sending a fully-cooked meal from your loved one’s favorite restaurant? Then consider a meal delivery service gift card. For example, a DoorDash gift card is an easy gift for friends, family, clients, or coworkers. They can order their favorite meal from a local eatery without the hassle of picking it up themselves.

4. UberEats Gift Card

With an UberEats gift card, the recipient has access to a wide selection of local restaurants. A meal delivery gift card allows them to order directly off the menus of their favorite spots.

Remember to check if the gift card is redeemable in the recipient’s city. Better yet, deliveries are tracked in real time. That way, whoever received the gift card knows exactly when their food will arrive. 

5. Daily Harvest Gift Card

If you’re shopping for a fan of healthy meals, the Daily Harvest gift card is an excellent option. They use organic and seasonal ingredients to promote healthy eating habits. All their meals are easy to prepare, and they also offer ready-to-eat meals.

Daily Harvest’s food is also always fresh. They use refrigerated packaging to maintain the quality of the food during transportation.

6. Sun Basket Gift Card

Sun Basket is another healthy and organic option. It offers additional meal choices that accommodate different diets such as vegetarian, vegan, sugar-free, etc. For those with a more restricted diet, the Sun Basket gift card is a great solution.

Your family and friends can schedule the delivery for one day of the week based on location. This offers more flexibility, as they don’t need to order on the same day they want to receive the kit. 

The Perfect Gift for Food Lovers

Healthy meal kits for one make for the perfect gift! With these tips on the best meal delivery gift cards, your foodie friends and family will smile ear-to-ear when they receive a gift card for a meal delivery service—especially just in time for the holidays. 

Who doesn’t like seeing someone light up when they open their gift? When you give a meal delivery gift card, your friend or loved one will be able to get a well-prepared and packaged meal whenever they’re hungry. Talk about convenience!

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