Smells Like Summer: Gobble’s June Menu Highlights

With school letting out and the sun coming out, summer is officially in the air! And we know what that smells like – smoky barbecue, stellar seafood, farm-fresh summer produce, and classic, shareable dishes you know and love.

Between your favorite summer activities and the kids being home from school, there’s hardly a better time to skip the grocery store and feed the family with Gobble. So whether you’re hosting a cookout for the family, looking for an easy dish to bring to a potluck, or just here to enjoy more of your summer days with easy, wholesome meals – our June menu has it all.

Limited Edition Summer Grilling Bundles (Available All Month Long!)

Our June menus feature an all-new and exciting aisle – Summer Grilling Bundles! All summer long, you’ll find these special protein bundles available to order. Look out for the Summer Grilling section, available on each weekly menu in June:

  • Gobble’s Grill Masters Bundle
  • All-Fired-Up Grill Bundle
  • Premium Summertime Grill Bundle

Each bundle includes a unique combination of chef-sourced, grill-ready cuts of meat and seafood, so you can skip the line at the butcher counter and get straight to grilling.

Filet & Crab Cake “Oscar” with Roasted Asparagus & Tomato (Week of 6/10)

Perfect for a special, intimate Father’s Day meal, this Premium dish pairs gourmet crabcakes with mouthwatering filet mignon, roasted veggies, and a luxurious Béarnaise sauce to tie it all together. Go ahead – he deserves it.

Hawaiian Barbecued Spare Ribs & Chicken Thighs with Pineapple Skewers for Four (Week of 6/17)

Turn your next family cookout into an all-out luau! This four-serving meal kit includes slow-cooked pork ribs, fall-off-the-bone barbecue chicken thighs, and grilled pineapple and pepper skewers. Serve it all over fluffy coconut rice then kick back your feet and watch the palm trees sway (even if they’re imaginary).

Herbed Chicken with Nectarine Summer Salad & Pesto Bread (Week of 6/24)

Move over spring berries – stone fruit season is here and nectarines are at their very best! Try them in this light, weekday dinner starring herb-crusted chicken breast, pesto garlic bread, and a seasonal salad of sliced tomatoes & nectarines, peppery arugula, and basil-lemon vinaigrette.

Enjoy the Best of Our June Menu

Cookout classics, seasonal fruits and veggies, and special Father’s Day celebrations – June is full of summer flavor! Feed your family like a pro chef (and save time doing it) with Gobble, here to make your summer months that much more relaxing. More delicious, too! Just log in or sign up today to build the June menu of your dreams.

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