Gobble’s 4th of July BBQ Meal Kits for 2024

Let’s just get it out there – we LOVE summer grilling. Anything from cedar plank salmon and veggie skewers, to good old fashioned burgers and hot dogs, cooking in the open air just feels right! And there’s no better time for a classic cookout than Independence Day.

With that said, hosting family and friends for a barbecue should be all about grilling, relaxing, and enjoying. The menu planning, grocery shopping, and ingredient prepping… not so much. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the return of Gobble’s 4th of July BBQ Meal Kits – new and improved for 2024!

2024’s 4th of July BBQ Box Options From Gobble

We heard your feedback last summer, and we’re here to answer it. This year, we’re proud to offer not one, but TWO exclusive boxes: The BBQ Classics Box and The Gourmet Grill Box. 

Each includes unique, gourmet, and grill-ready meats, alongside quick, zero-prep side dishes, and all the crucial condiments and sauces, as well as homemade cookies for dessert! Each of our 4th of July BBQ Boxes feeds four hungry people, making a single box appropriate for smaller family gatherings, while larger groups should feel welcome to order two, three, or even more. We wouldn’t want anyone leaving hungry! 

The BBQ Classics Box:

This returning favorite pairs two of our most-loved grilling dishes – St. Louis Style Pork Ribs alongside our Sous-Vide Salt & Pepper Chicken Thighs. We’ve handled all the prep, so just a few minutes on the grill is all these meats need to reach the tender, fall-off-the-bone perfection, just like you’ve been marinating, smoking, and basting for hours. And we couldn’t call it BBQ if we didn’t include the sauces, so you’d better believe we did! You’ll find four servings each of our signature Smoky BBQ Sauce and our Carolina-inspired Gold BBQ Sauce. 

If you’re really just here for the sides, don’t fret: we’re loading you up with our organic Green Goddess Cabbage Slaw, Classic Mac & Cheese, and a seasonal Italian Elote Pasta Salad with Cilantro Pesto. And based on customer feedback, we made this year’s sides even easier. Everything is prepped and ready to heat and enjoy, or quickly toss together – no oven time required. And for a sweet finish, while you’re waiting for the fireworks, we’ve added eight of our gourmet homemade cookies in an assortment of classic summer flavors.

The Gourmet Grill Box:

New for 2024, The Gourmet Grill Box brings some of our favorite cookout classics to your door, with a gourmet twist, of course! We couldn’t just do burgers and dogs (as much as we love them), so we sourced you four Wagyu Beef Burgers, paired with four Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Chicken Sausages – plus buns for both, sliced cheddar cheese, signature sauces, and all of your favorite burger fixings.

To complete the spread, you’ll find both the organic Green Goddess Slaw and Italian Elote Pasta Salad from our BBQ Classics Box, along with a special Sweet Pepper Pepperonata for a zesty, refreshing side. Once again, all the sides come together in just minutes, with no prep or cooking time required, so you can spend every last second soaking up the celebrations. And no, we didn’t forget the cookies! Your Gourmet Grill Box also includes eight assorted cookies to share and enjoy.

Ready to Celebrate?

Gobble’s 4th of July Meal Kits were designed by our chefs to preserve all your favorite parts of summer grilling and hosting while saving you the hassle and busy work. Last year’s boxes were a big hit, and we’re confident that these are even better!

BBQ Boxes are available now! No Gobble subscription is required to order, but hurry – supplies are limited.

To be sure you can feed every guest, don’t wait until the last minute; order today to get the best price and lock in your delivery. If you’re hosting a larger group, or simply can’t decide between the two boxes, feel free to order as many as you need – there’s no limit until supplies run out.

We hope you and your loved ones have a fantastic (and delicious) 4th of July!

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