5 Best 4th of July Food Ideas for 2024

Between the perfect weather for outdoor grilling and an abundance of seasonal summer fruits and vegetables, the 4th of July has quickly become one of our favorite foodie holidays! And without too many culinary traditions to adhere to, it’s easy to take your celebratory menu in just about any direction. From a classic burgers-and-dogs cookout to Southern-inspired barbecue and sides to an Italian-American block party with peppers and sausages, there are so many ways to celebrate! Scroll on for some of our favorite easy 4th of July food ideas.

Our Picks for the 5 Best 4th of July Food 

1. Smoky, Saucy 4th of July Ribs

Ok, putting “ribs” on this list might be cheating since there is a world of ways to prepare and plate this delicious cut. Beef ribs, pork ribs, short ribs, prime ribs – the list is endless! While we love Korean-style marinated galbi or a nice smoky beef rib, this year, we’re all in on saucy, slow-cooked racks of pork ribs as the best 4th of July food. Preparing the perfect ribs yourself can be tricky, but the ideal method involves your favorite wet or dry rub, foil wrap packed with butter and brown sugar, and a few slow hours tending to the smoker. 

To skip those steps, check out the BBQ Classic Box from Gobble, featuring St. Louis-style pork ribs, seasoned chicken, and all your favorite sides – pre-prepped and ready to simply heat on the grill and enjoy. There’s no easier way to get slow-cooked, chef-prepared flavors delivered right to your cookout, while still enjoying the grilling vibes!

2. Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Chicken Sausages with Sweet Pepper Pepperonata

Prefer to keep it simple? Hot dogs and sausages are a timeless tradition and always a safe pick for the best 4th of July food. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gourmet it up a little bit, and it can be as simple as opting for slightly more unique ingredients than your typical white buns, Oscar Mayer weiners, ketchup, and mustard.

For our best 4th of July food ideas, we’re drawing on inspiration from Italian-American cuisine and recommending a Roasted Red Pepper & Garlic Chicken Sausage, served on your favorite Italian roll or hot dog bun, along with a sweet, summery pepperonata. Nothing compares to the smell of these herby, aromatic sausages sizzling on the grill, and a tangy, acidic blend of seasonal sweet peppers makes for the perfect side or topping. The key here is selecting the best fresh ingredients for your pepperonata, as peak pepper season is sure to serve up some beauties at your local grocer or farmer’s market. Of course, if you’d like a hand-sourcing the sausages, prepping the pepperonata, and skipping the grocery store – check out the Gourmet Grill Box from Gobble and let their chefs do the work.

3. Green Goddess Cabbage Slaw

Onto everyone’s secret favorite part of the holiday spread – the sides. Coleslaw is an absolute classic: crisp, refreshing, creamy, tangy… need we go on? And when it comes to easy 4th of July food, this Green Goddess Cabbage Slaw is right up there. You’ll find a pre-prepped version in both of Gobble’s 4th of July Grill Boxes, but making this one from scratch is no hassle at all. Plus, you can assemble the greens the night before, set the dressing aside in the fridge, and simply toss to combine when you’re ready to serve. The result is a zesty, herby, and lightly creamy slaw that the whole party will love.

4. Italian Elote Salad Pasta Salad with Cilantro Pesto

Some of our favorite 4th of July food ideas lean on fusion flavors as a way to get creative. For this legendary pasta salad (which is an absolute MUST for your holiday spread), the Gobble team wanted to pair summer sweet corn with a zesty, fragrant pesto – the result is a delicious marriage of Mexican street food flavors and classic Italian ingredients that we’re calling Italian Elote Pasta Salad with Cilantro Pesto. Whip up your version with chilled noodles, sweet corn, and a creamy, tangy dressing (with a kick), or grab either one of Gobble’s grill boxes to give this instant summer classic a try. 

5. Homemade Cookies

It couldn’t be a list of the best 4th of July food ideas if we didn’t mention dessert! Fruit pies are always a hit, but they can be time-intensive to prepare, expensive to buy pre-made, and messy to share with a whole party. So when it comes to easy 4th of July food, our minds jump straight to a classic: freshly baked, homemade cookies. They’re easy to make, easy to customize and tailor with unique flavors, and the dough can be made ahead to bake up fresh. Plus, the only challenge in sharing is snagging your favorites before they’re gone.

As a bonus, the varieties are virtually endless. Chocolate Chip is a classic for a reason, while White Chocolate & Macadamia cookies certainly have that special summer something. Lemon cookies are another seasonal go-to, thanks to juicy citrus in stores everywhere. You’ll find all these picks (plus Triple Chocolate cookies for your sweet-toothed guests) in both of Gobble’s 4th of July Grill Boxes, as just another way to serve up deliciousness without lifting a finger. More 4th of July food ideas for dessert might include mini hand pies, frosted sugar cookies, or a classic cobbler starring your favorite seasonal fruits.

4th of July Food FAQs

Barbecued meats are an essential part of the holiday, from burgers and brats, to smoked ribs and brisket, to pulled pork or chicken sandwiches. Beyond that, classic side dishes include mac & cheese, potato salad or pasta salad, refreshing coleslaw, baked beans, and buns or rolls to soak up all that goodness. Don’t forget the barbecue sauce – or the dessert!

2. What to bring to the July 4th barbecue?

It’s always a good idea to check in with your host to see what they might like you to bring. There’s always room on the table for your favorite homestyle side, while a shareable dessert like cookies, hand-pies, or ice cream cones can never be a bad idea. Beyond that, every 4th of July gathering is made better with a refreshing drink, so bringing your favorite alcoholic or nonalcoholic spritzer can be a good move, as well as a pitcher of iced tea, summery lemonade, or sparkling water infusion. 

3. How do you throw a great 4th of July party?

The secret to a great 4th of July party is great food, a nice outdoor space, and plenty of refreshing drinks to loosen up the mood! Jokes aside, we’ve put together a helpful article with tips on hosting for the holidays. With good weather, outdoor games and activities can be a great way to get people talking and having fun, while mouthwatering scents from the grill can sure do a lot of the heavy lifting. 

But most importantly, relax! A guaranteed way to ruin your holiday is by stressing and running around so much you forget to enjoy it. That’s why Gobble’s 4th of July Grill Boxes can be a game-changer for your party. Their chefs handle all the menu planning, ingredient sourcing, and dish prepping, so all that’s left is to heat up the meats on the grill, plate up the sides, and watch as the compliments roll in. Learn more about what’s inside each box and order yours today!

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