How To Make Healthy Food Swaps for a Tasty & Nutritious Diet 

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We all want to make healthier choices and live a clean lifestyle. One way to do that is by making simple food swaps in our diets. Your diet may not change overnight, but adding those smaller changes will eventually accumulate into a healthier lifestyle.

5 Healthy Meal Swaps For Breakfast

1. Swap Sugary Cereal for a Multigrain Alternative

Sugary cereal may bring you back to sitting in front of the TV watching Saturday morning cartoons, but starting your day with heaps of sugar isn’t going to give you energy. Try a multigrain alternative instead.

2. Trade OJ Juice for Fruit Infused Water

Orange juice has 24 grams of sugar, and apple juice has 28 grams, swapping them out with water can cut down on your sugar intake. Fruit-infused water has the same flavor as well as added nutritional benefits.

3. Swap Instant Oatmeal with Rolled Oats

Instant oats often have processed flavors and more calories than the rolled oat alternative. Adding your own fruit or honey is one of the great healthy food alternatives.

4. Remove Eggos and Add Protein Waffles

Carbs don’t make you feel full, protein does. Protein waffles are an excellent way to enjoy a healthy and tasty breakfast while incorporating protein into your morning diet so you aren’t hungry for the rest of your day 

5. Add Spinach or Another Green to Your Scrambled Eggs

Greens are important for any diet, and fresh baby spinach is packed with nutrients like iron. Throwing them in with your scrambled eggs is a tasty way to get them into your diet.

5 Meal Swap Ideas For Lunch

1. Try an Open-Faced Sandwich

You cut out a lot of carbs from your meal and lose empty calories that won’t fill you up in the long run. Try swapping your bread for lettuce instead!

2. Swap Cauliflower Rice for Regular Rice

One of the best Gluten-Free Swaps and with fewer calories and more vitamins, cauliflower rice is a great alternative to white rice, making this one of the best meal swap ideas. Check out Healthy Rice Alternatives for more swaps.

3. Try Thin Crust instead of Thick or Stuffed Crust Pizza

With fewer calories, such a simple switch can still let you enjoy your favorite lunch. 

4. Swap Oils for Ranch Dressing

Processed dressings have so many calories and sugars that they can ruin the value of the salad. Trade them out for olive oils, a healthy alternative.

5. Swap Mustard of Mayo

Mustard is naturally fat-free, and a healthier alternative to the fat-filled mayonnaise. 

5 Healthy Food Swap Ideas For Dinner

1. Try Zoodles Instead of the Normal Pasta Night

 Pick up a spiralizer and try making your own zoodles (zucchini noodles)! Adding sauce, meat, and cheese can make you forget you’re eating veggies at the same time.

2. Stick to Red Sauce, not White

 The white sauce is usually filled with cream cheese and butter, but red sauce has vegetables and meat.

3. Try Salmon Instead of Steak

 Steak and red meats can raise your cholesterol, while salmon has omega-3 fatty acids that decrease plaque buildup in your arteries.

4. Switch the Starches with the Green Sides

Pasta, rice, and bread are side dishes that often don’t fill you up. Switch them out with vegetables that will keep you fuller longer. 

5. Swap Chicken Breast for Pork

Pick chicken breast over steak or pork for the protein you need to feel full without the extra fat.

5 Healthy Snack Alternatives

1. Air-Pop Your Own Popcorn Instead of Buying a Bag

This not only tastes better, but you control how much oil and butter you use. It’s a much healthier option than microwave popcorn and one of the great healthy snack alternatives.

2. Swap Chips Out for Veggies

One of the best healthy food swaps is some carrots, and celery sticks can taste just as good in ranch, blue cheese, or other dips. 

3. Switch from Cake to Dark Chocolate

With fewer calories and some heart-healthy benefits, dark chocolate can be a great way to curb sweet cravings.

4. Swap Frozen Grapes for Popsicles

There is no added sugar to this treat, but it is still just as sweet as a popsicle.

5. Trade Your Nut Butters in For Regular Nuts

Peanut butter and hazelnut spread can have extra sugar and fats. Regular nuts are naturally some of the best Refined Sugar Alternatives, so just eat the real thing.

Learn About Simple Ways To Eat Healthier

Try Out Healthy Food Substitutions

Want to improve your eating habits? Try incorporating some healthy food swaps into your meals! It can be a fun and rewarding journey even if you’re just figuring out Eating Healthy On A Budget

Use A Meal Kit Delivery Service 

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Eat More Protein

Proteins are super important for the growth and maintenance of your organs. So why not kickstart your day with a protein-packed breakfast? Learn about Choosing The Best Protein Source For Your Recipe. You can try scrambled eggs with spinach or a yummy yogurt parfait topped with nuts and seeds. And for smart snacking, keep some almonds, Greek yogurt, or hummus with veggies on hand. When it’s time for lunch or dinner, aim to include lean protein sources like chicken, fish, tofu, or legumes in your meals. Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle some chia seeds or hemp hearts into your smoothies or oatmeal for that extra protein boost!

Kickstart Your Healthy Diet

Try some of these healthy food swaps today and plan out your next meal with Gobble. Gobble is a meal kit service that delivers fresh-cut, specially prepared ingredients straight to your door, for food ready in 15 minutes. Healthy food customizable to your lifestyle

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