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HelloFresh Alternatives For Meal Kit Delivery Services

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Who doesn’t love a home cooked dinner? 

But who loves going to the grocery store? Who loves crying over chopped onions? And after a long day at work, who loves spending 90 minutes crafting a meal, only to add too much of an ingredient and have to throw it away? The answer is nobody. So what to do? 

The good news is that meal services like HelloFresh are here to simplify mealtime. Whether you’re looking to learn how to cook, or microwave up some weeknight deliciousness, there’s likely a meal service for you. HelloFresh is a popular choice, but it’s not perfect for everyone. Delivering raw ingredients can be a help, but you might be looking to save more money, save more time, or experience a greater variety of flavors. 

We’ve put together a list of HelloFresh alternatives to help you discover the perfect delivery service for you.

1. Gobble

Gobble came onto the market in 2010, offering consumers a choice from three menu plans: Classic, Lean and Clean and Vegetarian. They offer plenty of added extras like double protein and sustainably raised options. The chef-designed menus save consumers time: each meal optimized to go from kit to table in 15 minutes. All of the ingredients are hand-picked and organic, with a firm focus on sustainable and ethical food practices.

Pros of Gobble

Gobble focuses on fresh, sustainable produce. Gobble’s executive chefs handle all the dirty work of cooking, like slicing and marinating, so you can simply cook and enjoy. Their customizable plans let you pick and choose add-ons like breakfast and snack options to make your life easier. If you feel like missing a week, you can suspend your services for as long as you need. Cost-per-serve starts at $11.99, with the largest plan size being listed as four meals for four people.

Cons of Gobble

Because of the sourcing and preparing process, Gobble has a more exclusive price-point than other services like HelloFresh; but with that price comes quality. The fresh and sustainably-sourced produce and meat speaks for itself.

2. Instacart

While not a meal kit delivery service, Instacart places food on your table through ordering groceries on their website or app. Instacart works with a number of big name retailers to service as many people across the United States as possible.  

Pros of Instacart

With meal delivery kits, you choose from a limited number of options in a given week. With Instacart you are grocery shopping online without the hassle of going to the store. You have access to all the items at stores close to you. You select the food you want in your kitchen, for the meals you feel like eating. 

Cons of Instacart

That being said, picking whatever food you want also means the preparation is on your shoulders. Unlike meal delivery kits, you aren’t purchasing “meals made simple.” You’re grocery shopping online, and paying an added fee for delivery. Prices with Instacart may run higher than you’re used to, and, depending on where you live, Instacart might not be able to deliver to you. For those in rural areas, with no big retail stores nearby, this might be your reality.

3. Shipt

Owned by Target, Shipt is another delivery service that has partnered with popular stores across the United States to make shopping quick and convenient. Shipt works with a variety of different stores to deliver products. Shipt has you covered when it comes to groceries.

Pros of Shipt

If you’re in need of a fast meal, and can’t wait for a meal kit to arrive, Shipt offers same-day delivery from the store of your choice. Shipt is connected with Target, Safeway, Costco, as well as many others that deliver fresh food as soon as possible after your order is placed. Because of this variety, it’s easy to cater your orders and fit your dietary needs. Shipt also has different options when paying, including a membership with unlimited delivery.

Cons of Shipt

Just as with Instacart, Shipt is providing you with groceries, not a kit with pre-measured ingredients and steps on how to make the meal. If you eat a lot of fresh produce, not being able to select your own might leave you wanting upon delivery. Like Instacart and other local delivery services, your options are limited to the stores in your area. Having unlimited delivery from Costco is great if you live by a Costco, but doesn’t mean anything if you don’t.

Pick the Best Meal Kit Delivery Service for Your Needs

By now, you can see that there are many services like HelloFresh on the market today. Gobble provides options for customers across all walks of life, with the aim of making dinner time simpler. Whether you’re in the market for a box you can prepare with your family, or something easy to grab and eat on the go, Gobble is a meal service that can fit your lifestyle.

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