HelloFresh Alternatives For Meal Kit Delivery Services

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked dinner? 

But who loves going to the grocery store? Who loves crying over chopped onions? And after a long day at work, who loves spending 90 minutes crafting a meal, only to add too much of an ingredient and have to throw it away? The answer is nobody. So, what to do? 

The good news is that meal services like HelloFresh are here to simplify mealtime. Whether you’re looking to learn how to cook or microwave up some weeknight deliciousness, there’s likely a meal service for you. 

HelloFresh is a popular choice, but it’s not perfect for everyone. 

The best ingredient and recipe delivery services make sure to prioritize quality ingredients. Delivering raw ingredients can help, but you might be looking to save more money, save more time, or experience a greater variety of flavors. 

Thankfully, there are many meal kits like HelloFresh for you to try. We’ve put together a list of HelloFresh alternatives to help you discover the perfect delivery service for you. So, let’s jump into how to choose the right meal kit service for you. We think you’ll love the HelloFresh competitors on this list!

6 Best Meal Delivery Services like HelloFresh

  1. Best Overall: Gobble
  2. Best for Groceries: Instacart
  3. Best for One Person: CookUnity
  4. Best for Variety: Shipt
  5. Best for Affordable Kits: Dinnerly
  6. Best for Fresh Food: Factor

1. Gobble


Gobble came onto the market in 2010. It offers consumers a choice from three menu plans: Classic, Lean and Clean, and Vegetarian. They offer plenty of added extras like double protein and sustainably raised options.

What Makes Gobble Different?

The chef-designed menus save consumers time. Each meal is ready to go from kit to table in 15 minutes. All of the ingredients are hand-picked and organic. Gobble has a firm focus on sustainable and ethical food practices. 


Servings start at $11.99 each. The largest plan size is listed as four meals for four people.

Pros of Gobble

Gobble focuses on fresh, sustainable produce. Gobble’s executive chefs handle all the dirty work of cooking, like slicing and marinating. You can cook like a chef at home with minimal effort! Gobble offers a high-quality service for meal delivery like Hellofresh.

Their customizable plans let you pick and choose add-ons. You can get breakfast and snack options to make your life easier. 

Feel like missing a week? You can suspend your services for as long as you need.

Cons of Gobble

Because of the sourcing and preparing process, Gobble has a more exclusive price point than other services like HelloFresh. But with that price comes quality!

The fresh, sustainably sourced produce and meat speak for themselves. If you’re looking for meal kits like HelloFresh, Gobble is a good option to try.

2. Instacart


Instacart places food on your table by letting you order groceries on its website or app. It’s not a meal kit service, but hear us out!

Instacart works with many big-name retailers. They service as many people across the United States as possible.  

What Makes Instacart Different?

With Instacart, you can select from a wide retailer network. You can get any kind of food you want delivered! You can also get your meals delivered on the same day.


Prices with Instacart may run higher than you’re used to. Depending on where you live, Instacart might not be able to deliver to you. For those in rural areas with no big retail stores nearby, this might be your reality. 

Pros of Instacart

With meal delivery kits, you choose from a limited number of options in a given week. With Instacart, you are grocery shopping online without the hassle of going to the store. You have access to all the items at stores close to you. 

Cons of Instacart 

Picking whatever food you want also means the preparation is up to you. Unlike meal delivery kits, you aren’t purchasing “meals made simple.” You’re grocery shopping online and paying an added fee for delivery.

3. CookUnity


On the hunt for a meal delivery service like HelloFresh that offers pre-made meals? CookUnity is a good option. Their packaging keeps your food fresh in the fridge for 4 to 7 days. Their meals are intended to serve one person. But you can order larger meal plates as well for a “family style” option.

What Makes CookUnity Different?

With CookUnity, you get chef-curated meals. There are 200+ options to cater to any palate—including the pickiest eaters!


The pricing varies depending on the number of meals you order. 

For example:

  • For 4 meals, the price is $7.34 per meal. 
  • For 8 meals, the price is $8.57 per meal. 

This can be expensive for some.

Pros of CookUnity

Meals are never frozen, so you can heat and eat whenever you want. They offer a wide variety of meal options. You can enjoy seasonal meals, which is a great benefit of meal delivery services.

Cons of CookUnity 

Each meal is only an individual portion. It can be a bit more costly compared to other companies like HelloFresh. If you’re looking for affordable meal delivery, this may not be your best option. Some reviews do mention that the portions seem small. 

4. Shipt


Owned by Target, Shipt is another delivery service similar to HelloFresh. It has partnered with popular stores across the United States to make shopping quick and convenient. Shipt works with a variety of different stores to deliver products. Shipt has you covered when it comes to groceries.

What Makes Shipt Different?

Need a fast meal? Can’t wait for a meal kit to arrive? Shipt offers same-day delivery from the store of your choice. 


Shipt offers a $99 annual membership for unlimited deliveries. The total cost of each delivery will depend on the items you select.

Pros of Shipt

Shipt is connected with Target, Safeway, and Costco. It partners with many other retailers that deliver fresh food after your order is placed. It’s easy to cater to your orders and fit your dietary needs.

Shipt also has different options for payment. Its membership with unlimited delivery makes it a flexible HelloFresh alternative.

Cons of Shipt

Just like Instacart, Shipt provides you with groceries. It’s not a kit with pre-measured ingredients and steps on how to make the meal. If you eat a lot of fresh produce, you might be wary of not being able to select your own.

Like Instacart and other local delivery services, your options are limited to the stores in your area. 

5. Dinnerly


Dinnerly offers delicious, budget-friendly pre-prepped meal kits. There is an array of flavorful dishes at an affordable price point. Dinnerly ensures that quality cuisine is accessible to all.

What Makes Dinnerly Different?

Dinnerly brings you delicious dishes at a fraction of the cost of traditional meal kits. You can choose from 100+ recipes every week.


Dinnerly is one of the cheapest companies like HelloFresh. The cost starts at $4.99 per person.

Pros of Dinnerly

Similar to other HelloFresh alternatives, the meals are easy to prepare and clean up. You can say goodbye to complicated recipes and extensive clean-up sessions.

Dinnerly’s straightforward meal kits make cooking a breeze, leaving you with more time to savor your culinary creations.

Cons of Dinnerly

Some customers may find that the packaging lacks organization. Compared to other food delivery services like HelloFresh, some meals are uninspiring. Some are not even worth the low price. They can be overly basic, with few ingredients. For specialized diets, there are limited options.

Navigating the Dinnerly website may pose a challenge for some users. But the service has mostly positive reviews overall. It’s an excellent HelloFresh alternative for people who love eating good food!

6. Factor


Factor (or Factor75) targets the health, fitness, and diet crowds. Each meal is chef-prepped in advance. When it arrives on your doorstep, it’s ready to eat!

What Makes Factor Different?

Unlike frozen other HelloFresh competitors, Factor’s meals are prepared and kept fresh using frozen ice packs during delivery. They have a shelf life of up to 7 days in the refrigerator. You have the flexibility to enjoy your meals at your convenience.


Prices per serving start at $10.99.

Pros of Factor

Factor75 caters to various dietary restrictions. Individuals with specific dietary needs can enjoy flavorful meals tailored to their preferences. You can choose from an array of add-ons, including: 

  • Snacks
  • Shakes
  • Juices

It’s a customizable dining experience.

Despite being premade and microwaved, the meals retain their texture and flavor. They offer a convenient dining solution without sacrificing taste or quality.

Cons of Factor

While convenient, Factor75 can become expensive over time. Also, the meal portions are small. They may not be ideal for families or larger households.

Individuals with severe food allergies may face a risk of cross-contamination. Use caution when selecting meals.

Some customers may find it challenging to discern which packaging materials are recyclable.

Pick the Best Meal Kit Delivery Service for Your Needs

We hope you enjoyed this meal delivery service comparison! By now, you can see that there are many services like HelloFresh on the market today. And you’re probably wondering, are meal delivery services worth it? 

Gobble provides options for customers across all walks of life. They aim to make dinner time simpler.  On the market for a kit you can prepare with your family? Looking for something to grab and eat on the go? Gobble is a meal service that can fit your lifestyle when you’re looking for meal delivery services like HelloFresh.

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