Grilling Season: Gobble’s May Menu Highlights

From Mother’s Day brunches to Memorial Day weekend barbecues, there’s a whole lotta deliciousness on the calendar for May! With the weather warming up and school days winding down, it’s the perfect season to dust off your grill, fire up your favorites, and gather the family for fresh, seasonal flavors. 

And no need to spend your precious weekend hours shopping or prepping – Gobble’s got you covered. Here’s what’s coming up on our May menu:

Mother’s Day Crabcakes Benedict with Tomatoes and Basil Hollandaise (Week of 5/6)

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular “dining out” days of the entire year. And we get it – crafting a special holiday spread with Mom’s help means she doesn’t get a break, but if you kick her out of the kitchen… well, let’s just say there’s a reason Mom’s secret recipes are her secrets.

Meet your solution for a delicious, effortless Mother’s Day feast right at home. Our spin on a gourmet brunch benedict features savory crabcakes, paprika-spiced potatoes, and soft-poached eggs, drizzled with our signature béarnaise sauce. Be sure to explore all of our Mother’s Day specials, as well as our other tips for Mother’s Day food gifts.

Shredded Pork, Corn, & Black Bean Enchiladas Suizas (Week of 5/13)

Didn’t get all the Cinco de Mayo energy out of your system? Who could – we’re always in the mood for Mexican. And as one of our best-selling dishes, these classic enchiladas are just about guaranteed to hit the spot. 

This winning recipe pairs soft corn tortillas with juicy, slow-simmered, and shredded pork, along with sweet corn, black beans, and our secret blend of cheeses. Top it off with our slightly spicy salsa verde and serve alongside a crisp carrot & cabbage slaw, perfect for a warm spring evening.

BBQ Ribs with Pimento Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Cajun Carrots, & Cornbread for Four (Week of 5/20)

Grilling season gets officially underway with Memorial Day weekend, and the grill-ready kits on our May menu let you skip the hassle and get straight to the feast! Perfect for outdoor cooking, but just as easy in the oven for our apartment-dwelling friends – these juicy, tender pork ribs bring all that slow-cooked goodness, without all the hours in front of the smoker. Plus, each kit includes all the fixin’s for four hungry people, including our famous pimento mac ‘n cheese, Cajun-rub carrots, and country-style cornbread. Smells like summer!

Grilled Lamb Burger with Roasted Red Pepper Feta Spread & Greek Salad (Week of 5/27)

Welcome in the better weather with a burger box that’ll teleport you to a Greek island! Great on the grill or the stovetop, this kit stacks juicy, tender lamb patties with lettuce, tomato, za’atar aioli, and a creamy feta & red pepper spread for an unforgettable burger experience. Dish it up with a zesty Greek salad for an intimate grill-date for two. 

Plus, stay tuned for our Summer Series, featuring seasonal dishes, exclusive protein bundles, and limited grill kits for 15 weeks of deliciousness. Keep an eye out for this special menu section, arriving in late May!

Enjoy the Best of Our May Menu

From Mother’s Day hosting to the start of summer grilling, there’s so much to savor in May! And Gobble is here to make all those meals what they should be – a time to connect, unwind, and enjoy, without the hassle. Order your favorites today; just sign up or log in to craft your ideal May menu!

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