3 Reasons Why Gobble Goes Great With Your Vacation

Here at Gobble, we like to think our deliveries are like vacation-in-a-box. A much-needed break from the grocery store, an escape from meal planning, a little slice of effortlessly-delicious paradise… the benefits of your favorite meal delivery service can be just about endless.

But we get it – sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.So if you’re planning your next getaway, you might be wondering, “How should I manage my meal kit subscription while traveling?”. From a one-week skip, to delivering your weekly order to friends, family, or your vacation destination – we’ve got no shortage of options! 

Ways You Can Manage Your Meal Kit Subscription

1. Skip

Let’s start with a simple one – skipping a delivery. Our meal kit subscriptions exist to make your life easier and work with your schedule, not the other way around! So it’s always possible to skip any weekly delivery, for as many weeks as you like, and up to 4 deliveries ahead.

Just head to your delivery calendar, click “manage delivery” for the week you’d like to skip, and select “skip this delivery”. Check out our FAQ to see these steps in action! Deliveries can be skipped up to four weeks in advance, and you can change your mind until orders close, which happens the Wednesday before the menu week at 11:59pm. 

2. Send to a Friend

If you’re headed out of town, it’s the perfect excuse to send a friend or family member a thoughtful, delicious gift! Sending meals to someone saves them time, feeds them well, and might even spark up some family time or a date night at home – how many gifts can do all that?

Sending your Gobble box to another home is as simple as adding a new delivery address to your account, and selecting that address for the menu week you’d like them to receive. Here’s a simple guide to managing your Gobble addresses. 

You can show the menu to your gift-recipient so they can pick their favorites, or you can surprise them with your expert-curated selections – just don’t forget to add some cookie dough!

3. Forward to Your Travel Destination

While we wouldn’t recommend cooking up a Gobble dinner in your hotel room microwave, there are plenty of vacation destinations where our meal kits come in handy! AirBnBs and other vacation rentals often come with huge, family-friendly kitchens, but lacking basic ingredients that make it a bit complicated to cook your favorites. And cookouts while camping or RVing can be a blast, but the prep work and shopping can be even more of a hassle than usual.

A great way to manage your meal kit subscription is to simply take it with you! Gobble’s customizable meal deliveries are already packed for travel, and can include easy breakfasts, quick lunches, salads, and soups, as well as your favorite dinner kits. Plus, our grill-ready kits can include ribs, burgers, and all your BBQ favorites!

Depending on your schedule, you can receive your Gobble box at home and take it on the road, or adjust your delivery address to have a box shipped straight to your destination! Follow these instructions to add a new delivery address and just select it for the menu week you’ll be away. 

Managing Your Gobble Subscription While Traveling Is A Breeze

Only one question left – where are we going next? With these easy options, managing your meal kit subscription while on vacation is more convenient than ever. Gobble kits can help you bring home-cooked deliciousness wherever you go, but it’s just as easy to redirect your order to a loved one, or skip a delivery whenever you need to. Happy travels!

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