10 Of The Best Holiday Food Gifts For Foodies 2024

The holidays are synonymous with all things food-related. Whether it’s peppermint mochas, gingerbread cookies or a particularly unique glaze for your organic turkey, the holiday season is full of delicious treats. At the same time, holiday food gifts are an excellent way to show your foodie friend or family member you are thinking about them.

Easy Holiday Food Gifts

Keep things easy this year by giving simple holiday food gifts, the kind you can order with a swipe of the finger!

1. Gobble Gift Card

Keep things simple this year with easy holiday food delivery gifts. The foodie in your life will love gifts that don’t leave their kitchen a mess (and so will their family or spouse). That’s where the Gobble Gift Card comes in. Gobble is a company offering gourmet, affordable, and specially prepared meal kits furnished with fresh ingredients, all ready in 15 minutes or less. For more options read our blog post, Meal Delivery Gift Cards: Give the Gift of Food.

2. Wine Gift Card

A wine gift card is a classy option for a gift this holiday season. There are multiple online sites that allow your friends to fill out a fun quiz about their drinking preferences and then suggest new bottles to try. Give your friend a gift card or a subscription and they’ll toast the New Year in your honor!

3. Hot Sauce Making Kit

This unique hot sauce making kit is the perfect gift set for those who love spicy foods. This creative kit includes bottles, gloves, vinegar, and all kinds of peppers and spice- including the famous (or infamous!) ghost pepper! All inclusive, the kit gives the hot sauce boss in your family the power to experiment with heat and flavor.

4. Indoor S’more Kit

Who doesn’t love sitting next to a warm fire on a cold winter night, roasting marshmallows? An indoor, mini fire pit can be combined with all of the s’more making materials your friends and family love including organic, uniquely flavored marshmallows or high quality chocolate. Not only does this constitute some of the best holiday food gifts for the homebody in your family, but it’s the perfect gift for the foodie friend or family member who lives in the city but still wants to enjoy the great outdoors.

5. Food Decorating Pens

This is a great gift for the pastry chef among your friends, the one who dedicates themselves to endless sheets of homemade cookies. Food decorating pens allow them to draw on just about any food they want even without fondant. Edible markers give adults a chance to feel like a kid again- coloring within the lines this time!

6. Bagel and Cream Cheese Making Kit

This holiday season, there’s a new fad in town- a DIY bagel and cream cheese making kit. These unique kits include everything necessary to make everything bagels and cinnamon raisin bagels. Each kit lets you make 12 bagels with an appropriately hefty serving size of cream cheese. All of the baking yeast, malt syrup, rennet and cheesecloth is provided. Your foodie friend or family member will only have to provide the perishable milk, cream, eggs, and yogurt.

7. Oyster Mushroom Log

If you have a friend who has cultivated hydroponics in their kitchen windowsill, or made the most out of the rosemary in their yard, an oyster mushroom log will fill them with excitement. This Poplar or Aspen log has been plugged with organic oyster mushroom spawns. Your foodie friend can soak the log and keep it in a cool, dark place, re-soaking every six weeks for up to three years- all the while plucking fresh oyster mushrooms for sauces, salads, and stir fries.

8. Gas Powered Pizza Oven

There is something about a pizza oven that makes dinner taste so much better then ordering out! This gas powered pizza oven is a must have for every pizza-lover! Reaching over 950 degrees Fahrenheit in just 15 minutes, this design is specially crafted to fit in any outdoor space. A three year warranty is also included. Give your friends the opportunity to treat themselves to some delicious, stone baked pizza.

9. Croissants

If you’re looking for a way to make an impression this holiday season, croissants are the way to do it. Make your family and friends happy by surprising them with a holiday croissant set. Not only are croissants from Sur La Table delicious, they’re also beautiful. These flaky, buttery pastries are the perfect holiday gift for the baker in your life.

10. Snack Box

Spoil your friends and family with this luxury snack box. The holiday season is a time where people spend a lot of time away from home. For some, it is because they are traveling to see their family. Others are traveling for work.

Whatever the reason, with all that time traveling, it can be hard to find something quick to eat- especially if you want something healthy. Try out this snack box from Mouth.com, with a huge variety of healthy snacks, ranging from gourmet popcorn to ginger peach, smoked almonds, heirloom pumpkin seeds and more!

Give The Gift Of Food

Gobble can help you keep your Christmas shopping simple and straightforward. The foodie in your family or group of friends will love the convenience of food delivered to their door, especially after the rush of the holiday season comes to a close. With fresh, pre-chopped meal kits, this meal delivery gift card gives the gift of food.

With Lean, Classic, and Vegetarian options, Gobble has something for everyone! If you are looking for a gift for your loved one, try out our 6 for 36 plan- the first six meals you order will be $36 dollars. That’s six meals ready for your foodie friend in 15 minutes or less!

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