Companies Like Blue Apron: Top Meal Kit Alternatives

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Do you know what you’re having for dinner?

How can you eat healthy, high-quality food with minimal prep work, barely any clean up, and no shopping list to tackle?

Companies like Blue Apron have taken over the meal delivery space in the last decade. Gobble, Purple Carrot, and other services similar to Blue Apron make it easier than ever to eat fresh food daily. Meal kit delivery services take the hassle out of cooking, with all of the prep work done before you decide what’s for dinner. 
Not all meal delivery services are created equal, and it may be necessary to find the best food delivery services like Blue Apron for your needs.

Blue Apron Alternatives to Consider

While Blue Apron might be one of the most popular meal delivery services, many consumers may subscribe to a Blue Apron competitor if:

  • You want to do more of the cooking yourself
  • You want to eat daily smoothies
  • You eat a plant-based diet
  • You want gourmet meals

Choosing a Blue Apron alternative is easier than ever, with options available for every dietary need and household size. Let’s dive into How To Choose The Right Meal Kit Service for your needs.

Companies like Blue Apron You May Want to Consider

Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service like Blue Apron: Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot makes eating a plant-based diet simple. This Blue Apron competitor offers plant-based options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with the additional option for “Plantry” (plant-based pantry) items.

With over 20,000 edible plants on the planet, Purple Carrot strives to help everyone get more plants in their diet. 


Purple Carrot allows you to choose whether you cook your own meal based on the ingredients they send you, or simply heat up a freshly made meal. So if cooking pre-portioned ingredients aren’t for you, Purple Carrot has the option to have ready-to-cook meals delivered right to your door. 


The subscription price to Purple Carrot depends on the number of servings you want per meal, and how many meals you want per week:

Servings Per Meal:2244
Meals Per Week:3434
Cost per serving:$13.25$13.25$11.00$11.00

15-Minute Meals With a Gourmet Touch: Gobble

A top Blue Apron competitor, Gobble brings gourmet meals to your table in 15 minutes or less. Gobble is similar to Blue Apron in the fact that you can plan out your menu ahead of time, and fresh ingredients get prepared and delivered right to your door. For more information on Gobble, click to read about how it works.


Like Purple Carrot, Gobble also offers a Vegetarian Plan, as well as a Lean & Clean plan for more health-conscious eaters. The Classic Plan delivers gourmet-inspired meals prepared by sous chefs right to you, ready in 15 minutes. Gobble offers new chef-designed recipes weekly, with the option to customize your menu to your tastes. Gobble requires no commitment to try, and you can skip weeks or cancel anytime. 


Gobble’s pricing is determined by how many servings you want per meal, and how many meals you want per week. 

Dinner for 2Dinner for 4
Meals per weekPrice per ServingMeals per weekPrice per Serving

New customers can get their first 6 meals for only $36!

Companies Like Blue Apron for the Home Chef: Marley Spoon

Another company similar to Blue Apron is Marley Spoon. Cosigned by Martha Stewart, this Blue Apron alternative offers over 45 weekly recipes and delivers them in an easy-to-prepare configuration. Marley Spoon is comparable to Blue Apron because the recipes are easy-to-follow and offer meals for every palate.


Marley Spoon allows you to select your recipes 10 days before delivery day, and you can skip any week. This Blue Apron competitor boasts 6-step recipes that anyone can make at home, with minimal prep work and cleanup. 


Pricing for Marley Spoon is determined by how many portions you want per meal, and how many meals you want per week.

2 Portions per Meal4 Portions per Meal
Meals per week:Price per portion:Meals per week:Price per portion:

Frozen Meals and Smoothies: Daily Harvest

Some companies like Blue Apron are more geared toward individual items rather than full meals. Daily Harvest delivers frozen meal items and smoothies made with fresh ingredients, right to your door, ready in minutes. 


Daily Harvest offers a wide variety of items, ranging from fresh fruit smoothies, soups, flatbreads, ice cream, oat bowls, lattes, and protein bites. Daily Harvest is a meal subscription like Blue Apron aimed at healthy eaters on the go. No matter your healthy craving, Daily Harvest offers fresh selections sure to satiate your hunger.


Pricing for Daily Harvest is determined by the number of individual items you want each week. The pricing packages are broken down into 3 sizes:

  • Small: pick 9 items, $5 savings
  • Medium: Pick 14 items, $10 savings
  • Large: Pick 24 items, $25 savings

Looking For Food Delivery Services like Blue Apron? We’ve Got You Covered

No matter what your meal delivery needs are, there is a Blue Apron alternative out there for you. We hope this meal delivery service comparison helps you find the best one for you. Companies like Blue Apron are helping people eat healthily, save time, and feel good about their meal choices every day. 

Whether you are eating alone or dining with family or friends, meal delivery similar to Blue Apron can help you spend less time shopping, prepping, and cleaning and more time eating. If your goals are to save money, reduce food waste, try new things, or any of the other benefits of meal delivery services, meal delivery can help you achieve those goals. We all want to try the best foods this world has to offer, and meal delivery can make that dream a reality.

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