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You’ve received the gift of Gobble. We’re a weekly service that delivers freshly prepped dinner kits right to your doorstep. The best part? They take just 15 minutes to prepare at home. Many of our customers have expressed that Gobble is a life-changing service that has simplified the planning, shopping, and preparation of fresh and healthy meals in their home. We hope to bring you the same experience!

How does Gobble work? 

  • Gobble is a weekly dinner kit delivery service. Our entire dinner menu includes kits that are pre-prepped and portioned, and take just 15 minutes to prepare at home.
  • Your employer has gifted you a Gobble subscription that includes credits to cover the cost of 24 servings/meals ($275.76). This amount can be spent across weekly deliveries in a few ways, depending on the size of your household:
    • Choose a 2-person plan. Each week, we’ll create a personalized order of 3 delicious dinner kits, including 2 servings each. Your credits will cover 4 weeks of Gobble deliveries.
    • Choose a 4-person plan. Each week, we’ll create a personalized order of 3 delicious dinner kits, including 4 servings each. Your credits will cover 2 weeks of Gobble deliveries.

Can I pick the types of meals I receive? 

  • Yes, once your account is activated, you can review the upcoming dinner menus that we’ve curated for you. You’ll also have access to the full dinner menu, and will be able to customize and mix/match with the recipes you like best.
  • However, if you prefer, you can sit back and relax, and receive our carefully curated selection of dinner kits we’ve picked based on your preferences.
  • You can choose your protein preferences! When you activate your account, just select each protein option you’d like to receive in your mix of dinner kits (chicken, beef, etc). Don’t eat meat? We will include an amazing selection of vegetarian options!

Are there special rules for BI employees? 

  • To remain eligible for this benefit as a BI employee, each weekly delivery is required to include 3 dinner kits. While you have access to the entire dinner menu and can customize the recipes you receive, each delivery must include 3 dinner kits. 
  • As a BI employee, you are only eligible to receive dinner kits, and will not have access to other menus such as breakfasts or side dishes. If you decide to subscribe as a regular member after your gifted credits are depleted, your account will have access to extensive non-dinner menus.

What is my deadline to skip or change an upcoming delivery? 

  • The deadline to choose your meals or make any delivery changes is always Wednesday at 11:59 pm the week prior to your delivery.

Can I skip a week?

  • Yes, if you are going out of town or don’t need a delivery, you can skip deliveries in your account. Your credits will automatically go towards your next scheduled delivery.
  • Here are some quick step-by-step instructions for skipping a delivery: 

1) Go to your Delivery Calendar and See Full Menu for the week you wish to skip.  
2) Click ‘Manage Delivery’.
3) Select ‘Skip this Delivery and provide a reason, and click ‘Skip This Delivery’ again. This feedback helps us keep an eye on how we’re doing and continue to improve the Gobble experience for you and others! 

Can I change my address?

  • Go to the Delivery Address tab in your Gobble Account. Then click “Add Address” to add a new address to your account. To set the new address as your primary shipping address, click “Make Default.”
  • Please note, the upcoming deliveries listed in your Delivery Calendar will still be set to your previous address. Once you set a new default address, you will be prompted to check the upcoming deliveries going to your previous address. You can select “Update Address” next to each week you would like the delivery to update to your new default shipping address.

Gobble Pro Tip! On your Delivery Calendar, you will also see where each of your deliveries is being shipped to and can update your address for each individual order.

How do I contact Gobble?

  • If you have any questions, you can get quick answers via our Text Concierge Team! Just text your questions to (956) 277-9042. Our Text Concierge is available from 9:00AM – 8PM EST.
  • You can also email us at [email protected]. Our team is available: Monday – Friday, 8M – 11PM EST
    Saturday & Sunday, 8AM – 4PM EST

What happens when my credits run out? Can I sign up to continue? 

  • Once you have received all 24 servings of your benefit and depleted all the credits, your account will be automatically deactivated.
  • You are not required to receive more deliveries after this BI benefit has been completed, and you will not be auto-renewed or transitioned to a regular membership.
  • If you loved your Gobble experience and would like to continue with a regular subscription, we’d love to welcome you! You can click here to create your personal subscription, and get $40 off your first delivery!

Do my Gobble credits expire?

  • You have 12 months to activate your account and use all of your BI credits. The account will become inactive on Sep 1, 2021.
  • But don’t worry, we will send you occasional email reminders to activate your account so that you don’t miss out on this great benefit!

Do you accommodate allergies or dietary preferences? 

  • We have a wide variety of recipes available each week including Lean & Clean (600 cal or less), Pescatarian, Vegetarian, and Omnivore dinners! The whole family can find something they’ll enjoy.
  • You can review the full list of ingredients for each dinner kit by clicking on the image. We will always label if there is a common allergen present in a recipe so that you can choose the dinner kits that will work best for your family.

Gobble Pro Tip: Watch out for recipe tags to easily find Kid-Friendly, Hall-of-Fame, or low-calorie options!

What if I want to gift my BI gifted credits to someone else? 

  • You are welcome to gift your Gobble credits to a family member or friend, as long as you have not yet activated your account.
  • If you account is not activated, you may transfer it via the following method.
    • Please follow this link and provide the information needed to transfer your credits.
    • Your friend will receive an email with instructions to activate the account within 72hrs.
    • Once transferred, you will no longer have access to the account or the credits.

What to expect  when you receive your first Gobble box

  • Your first Gobble box conveniently arriving on your doorstep — how exciting! We make our service as simple and stress-free as possible for our customers, and it only takes a few deliveries to become a Gobble pro. That said, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Read these helpful posts:

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