Customer Spotlight: How one super-dad wins dinnertime with Gobble.


In this customer spotlight you’ll meet super-dad,  Jared! Like many other families, he struggles to find the balance between costs, convenience and time when it comes to providing a healthy meal for his family. Read about his experience, and how Gobble has helped his family spend more quality time together while introducing his kids to new global flavors. 

Q: Tell us a bit about your story.  

As a recently divorced father of two elementary school children, I was struggling to find convenient and healthy ways to prepare dinners, while juggling the limited time and budget available as a single parent. Before we discovered Gobble, we would usually scramble for takeout food, occasional fast food, or eat frozen meals. Once in a while we’d spend more time than appropriate purchasing and preparing more involved meals, but that was typically limited to the weekends. A coworker introduced me to Gobble and opened up a whole new opportunity to provide my children with an amazing array of international dishes and flavors in an incredibly user-friendly format.

Q: What is a new flavor that you and your family have been introduced to through Gobble?

I’ve really enjoyed introducing my children to different cultures’ flavors and spices, with dishes like the Chicken Vindaloo with Garam Marsala Rice and the Lamb Burger with Za’atar Aioli & Greek Salad. We also love all the breakfasts as well, particularly the Pesto Caprese Omelettes and the California Eggs Bruschetta Caprese.

Because of how simple and colorful the presentation is, both my son and daughter have become excited about learning how to cook and prepare different recipes. They eagerly anticipate the next Gobble delivery to find out what mystery contents await inside. 

Q: What is your family’s favorite Gobble dish?

Our favorite dish is probably a toss-up between the classic comfort food of Chicken & Waffles with Sautéed Spinach (that Gobble makes easy), and the delicious and aromatic Curried Beef Bowl with Basmati Rice & Mini Samosas. Gobble has somehow perfected the art of striking the balance between unique and flavorful dishes I enjoy as an adult, with meals that my children are comfortable and familiar with.

Q: What is something memorable that has occurred over a Gobble dinner?

The most memorable thing for me is seeing my children become excited about learning how to prepare healthy meals and acquiring a taste for different cultures’ cuisines. We’ve stopped eating dinners at the coffee table in front of the TV and started eating at the dining room table, which has led us to more conversations and family bonding.

As a family, we’re able to spend less time at the grocery store and digging through online recipes, and more time riding our bikes and hiking by turning the meal prep over to the experts at Gobble.

Thanks to Jared for sharing his story! We love it so much, he was one of the lucky winners of our 5th Birthday Giveaway contest. Share your own stories by sending them to via email to [email protected].


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