4 Ways to Treat Mom to a Special Mother’s Day

Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is all about showing mom how much you love and appreciate her. This year our lives are a bit different, but the sentiment remains! Especially as households across the country shelter-in-place, and moms are working harder than ever to keep the family safe and happy.  
This year, brunch at her favorite restaurant is out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and make this a wonderful day at home!  We’ve got 4 ways to celebrate:

    1. Plan a day that takes as many responsibilities off her plate as possible. Divvy up responsibilities among the family so mom is free to spend her day however she likes. Families have been cooped up together for weeks, so don’t be surprised if mom’s idea of a perfect day is just some quiet time alone. 
    2. Create an at-home spa day. Play relaxing music, light some candles, and run a warm bath with a nice scented bath bomb. Make sure the kids are occupied so mom can relax with no commotion to worry about. 
    3. Get the family together for a DIY project. Making things together is great for family bonding because creativity is proven to reduces stress. To make this a Mother’s Day home run, choose a few simple DIY projects to commemorate the day, such as a quarantine time capsule, or a family photo project. One popular idea is to recreate an old family photo, as close to the original as possible. 
    4. Make a special breakfast or brunch. Nothing says “I love you” like someone cooking a meal for you. If you missed our Mother’s Day brunch options (sold out, but shown below for inspiration!), there are lots of go-to options, such as french toast or pancakes, and no one is expecting perfect execution. The important thing is that it’s served with love, possibly in bed, and that mom doesn’t have to clean up a thing. (I bet mom agrees that last bit is the most important of all.) Whatever you choose, keep it simple so that the little ones can help! 
  1. Whichever way you celebrate mom this year, whether in person or virtual, enjoy yourselves. And to all of the moms out there, we love you!

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