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How to Choose A Meal Kit Service for Your Needs

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Before doing anything else, you should familiarize yourself with what exactly a meal kit service provides. We break down the individual factors that you should consider while making your decision to show you you how to choose a meal kit.

What Features are Important for Your Lifestyle?

Your lifestyle can greatly impact which meal kit is going to work for you. For example, if you have very little time to cook, but want to eat healthy, a meal kit that provides fresh ingredients will be a good fit for you. If you’re very busy and need food that you can just heat up, a meal kit that provides cooked meals is a good option. If you love to cook and the idea of meals that you can just add to a pot is boring to you, a meal kit that provides pre-chopped ingredients may be a better fit.

Dietary Needs and Customization

If you have a dietary restriction, such as a food allergy or a specific diet, you’ll need to make sure a meal kit can provide a healthy meal for you. Some meal kits may be able to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions, while others may not have the food you need. If you’re on a gluten-free diet, for example, a gluten-free meal kit is a must.

Meal Kit Type

If you’re looking for a specific meal kit type, such as a paleo kit, make sure to find a kit that offers it. Some meal kit services provide almost every type of kit, while others only provide a few kit types. You want a meal kit that provides the specific type of preparation that fits your lifestyle- such as pre-cooked vs prepared ingredients.

Nutrition Quality

It can be difficult to eat healthy nowadays, especially when preparing nutritious food takes so much time. Many find it much easier to hit a drive-thru, or pop a frozen dinner in the microwave, leaving much to be desired in the nutrition department.

Just like restaurants, some meal kits are better for you than others. For example, some kits that provide prepackaged meals or raw ingredients may not be as healthy. In comparison meal kits that provide fresh ingredients may be healthier. If you’re looking for a healthy meal kit, look for one that provides fresh ingredients.

Meal Variety

One of the most personal factors to consider when choosing a meal kit service is the number of different types of meals you’d like to receive. Do you prefer to only receive the same meals over and over again, or do you want to have a variety of different types of meals? If you want to have a variety of meals, you should choose a meal kit service that offers a wide range of meals.

Portion Sizes

If you are not careful, one of the biggest drawbacks of meal kits can be the size of the portions. It’s not uncommon for a single serving to be half of what you would normally eat. There are many reasons why the portions are so small, but one of the most common is the need to be able to deliver it with a specific number of meals in a pack.

If you are a light eater or on a diet, a meal kit service with small portions can be fine. But if you require more calories, you will need to find a meal kit service that offers a larger fare. Either way, an important step in picking a meal kit is to check the portion sizes and be sure that they fit your personal needs.


Meal delivery options not only offer convenience but are increasingly affordable—some more than others.

UberEats and DoorDash prices are dictated by the restaurants from which you order. Add to those sometimes high prices a delivery fee that can fluctuate from $1.99 – $10.00 depending on the restaurant and the demand for deliveries in the area.

At a flat $11.99 per meal, Gobble provides you with quality meals for your whole family that won’t break the bank. Not to mention the added bonus of cutting down on food waste on those nights when ordering out sounds way better than an hour in the kitchen. You’ll be amazed at how much money you’ll save once you commit to this meal kit delivery service that believes good food should be affordable to all.

Delivery Process

The pandemic has made delivery services of all kinds more commonplace, and the ease of not having to go to the store for every little thing is one of the few benefits to come out of all the chaos.

Instacart delivery allows you to shop at your local grocery store without having to fight traffic in the car or in the aisles. The Instacart app allows you to track your shopper’s progress and even chat with them while they are shopping. This service will deliver your family’s produce and snacks as if you hand-picked them yourself but still requires you to chop and measure all the ingredients to make a meal.

Getting your Gobble meals delivered is as simple as placing an online pizza order. Each week, you design your meals by picking from Gobble’s diverse menu. Then Gobble delivers your choices right to your front door in a recyclable, refrigerated box. And if you need to skip a week, that’s no problem! Gobble makes it easy for you to adjust your deliveries to match your schedule. Get an amazing, home-cooked meal without dealing with grocery store lines or the hassle of food prep.

Ready to Make Your Pick?

Now that you know how to choose a meal kit you can take your pick! Consider all the benefits of meal delivery services and which specific features fit your lifestyle.

Gobble is a meal kit delivery service that knows your needs are unique and is committed to giving you the service you deserve. Gobble is designed to feed those who are just cooking for themselves as well as their families. For more information on meal kit types read Best Meal Delivery Service For Families and Healthy Meal Kits for One. No matter your lifestyle, fifteen minutes from box to table is something everyone can appreciate. If you still aren’t sure read our Meal Delivery Service Comparison for a deeper dive.

By catering to a variety of dietary restrictions, cutting your cooking time down to only fifteen minutes, and making sure your food is delicious and affordable, Gobble is the meal kit service that has something for everyone.

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